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Jack's brave bags

To help the heroes be a little more brave while enduring cancer treatments, The Jack Strong Foundation would like to introduce Jack's Brave Bags.

As children go through treatments, many hours are spent in a clinic, or days in a hospital bed. Visiting these children in his Superhero costumes was very important to Jack. While he himself was in treatment, he knew how comforting and inspiring it was to see someone enter the room, while sharing a smile and bringing a gift of small treasures helped to pass the time. We wanted to find a way that we could carry on his giving heart and amazing soul. Jack taught us all how to love a little more, take the extra time, and to give when you can.  Jack's Brave Bags will enable us to do this.

If your child could use a little extra courage, and a bit of Superhero bravery, please feel free to submit the information below.  We would love to share a few of Jack's favorite things that made his stay just a little easier.  Let us help bring out the inner Superhero in your child.

This program is currently limited to the East Coast of the United States as well as our home state of West Virginia, Ohio and also Michigan.

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Our Brave Bags focus on continuing Jack's legacy through superhero strength and superheroes will always be a large part of what children receive. What does he or she like? ex: favorites, hobbies. Do they have a favorite color?
We know how important it is to help spread awareness to pediatric cancer. By sharing your child's story, we can do just that. We would love to show our generous and caring donors how they are making a difference and helping to bring smiles to the many superhoroes fighting this horrible disease. By submitting an application for Jack's Brave Bags, you grant permission for The Jack Strong Foundation to share your child's story, facebook page, website and donation page. Should you deny permission, please forward us an email JackStrongFoundation@gmail.com.